LWP Hospitality Service:

LWP have qualitative management team to devote their time for proper upkeep and maintenance of your mall. LWP team has staff that has experience in training housekeeping staff of star hotels, contractors for stone care and floor care along with maintaining proper hygienic conditions at the floor level.

Companies availing services of Lapwing Hospitality and Management Facilities would Lapwing Hospitality Corporate Services.

  • Have most cost effective services, if the maintenance is provided to the entire complex.
  • Have benefit of the expertise of experienced personnel involved with our company.
  • The aspect of staffing and their liabilities would be the prime responsibility of the maintenance service company.
  • Save on quality time of its managers in the area of administration and maintenance.


  • Entire floor will be mopped with specific daily cleaner.
  • Dry mopping will be continuously done as and where required for dust control with latest micro fiber mops in the industry.
  • Furniture in the scope of work i.e. glass partitions, wooden panels etc. will be dusted and cleaned.
  • Garbage generated will be disposed as per regulations.
  • All Toilets will be cleaned every day using proper biodegradable cleaning products.
  • Toilet checklist on regular basis.


  • LWP employ skilled, semi-skilled, unskilled personnel’s in our team to maintain high standards of housekeeping Management & safety with available resources & as per LWP contractual obligations on sites.
  • LWP also hold personnel training & familiarization programs for the staff in which LWP familiarize the staff with work sites & try identifying critical work areas which have to be rectified.
  • Train all the various unskilled personnel on how to utilize different equipment on respective jobs.
  • Train the supervisory level staff on preparation of duty roster & assignment of the site staff.


  • All LWP employees will be dressed in proper uniform provided by the company.
  • Uniform will be worn as designed.
  • Uniform will not be worn when not on duty.
  • LWP staff must keep their hair trimmed and in proper shape.
  • Headgear wear must be clean-shaven or if bearded or mustached then neatly trimmed.
  • Clothes must be clean in good repair.
  • Shoes will be worn by all staff.
  • Display company identity card .for easy recognition.
  • Ensure wearing of gloves and other safety gear as when required.
  • Familiarize personnel with safety and electrical equipment for use in case of contingencies.
  • Ensure that all personnel are trained and aware of the job requirements.


  • Sweeping & Mopping of floors of designated area daily.
  • Maintenance of Furniture and Fixtures in the scope of work.
  • Regular internal cleaning of window glasses, doors etc.
  • Deodorizing, Disinfecting & Sanitizing of Toilet.
  • Vacuuming wall ceiling, corners & crevices on regular basis.
  • Provision of toiletries & air freshening materials along with general cleaning product.
  • Janitorial services covering all kinds of areas.
  • Garbage disposal.


LWP employees are instructed to strictly adhere to the following safety instructions accordingly.

  • Check and become familiar with all company safety rules and act accordingly.
  • Be alert during routine operations. 
  • Any mechanical faults discovered or noticed should be brought to the immediate attention of the supervisor.
  • Do not touch any control buttons of the plant machines. In order to accomplish the work given consult site personnel for any help.
  • Do not splash cleaning compounds on to the machines.
  • Do not direct spray of water or cleaning materials in to unprotected openings such as switches etc.
  • Use gloves on hands as when required.
  • Do not move any safety equipments from the site.
  • Do not smoke at restricted areas.
  • Any accidents to person, vehicles and machines should be reported immediately to the concerned supervisor.
  • All equipments should be inspected and serviced regularly.
  • Disciplinary action would be taken against person violating safety rules.
  • Extension ire controls of equipment must be covered with tape to avoid possible electric shortenings.


1. Stores:
Sufficient space / shelves, storage racks for cleaning materials and minor and equipment will be provided by the client.

2. Utilities:
The client would provide free of cost all utilities like running water and electricity required for the cleaning operations at the premises.

3.  Staff facilities:
A staff change cum rest room with toilets for staff would be required at site. Uniforms and canteen facilities would be provided at site.

4. Office Area:
Adequate space for our housekeeping staff would have to be provided by the Client. 

5. Communication:
An internal communication network between areas within the premises and the administrative offices would be provided for by the client. This would involve a computer, internet facility and telephone with extension number.

6.  Payment:
LWP will raise the invoice by 3rd of every month so as to enable you to make the payment by 7th of each month to ensure prompt salary payment of our staff.


LWP use the best eco-friendly and biodegradable cleaning agents outsourced or provided by the client by the best in the industry.

  • Johnson Diversey
  • Schevaran
  • Kaampra (Biological Cleaning Products)

Usage, pattern, Dilution and method of cleaning Agents (Chemicals)

There are only two kind of surfactant chemicals* Biological cleaning products which are distinguished as concentrate and ready to use. LWP staff is trained to use all cleaning agents in terms of proportionate dilution, application and appropriate usage of cleaning agent to a particular surface.

There are different chemicals made for different materials so that one does not damage property. Kaampra Biological cleaning products give complete biological based cleaning and ensure complete odor control and reduction of water usage.

Usage of Biological Urinal blocks in gent’s urinals will make them waterless urinals at the same time ensuring proper odor control and saving of at least 1 lakh liter of water per annum per urinal.


Latest quality cleaning tools will be used our company for maintaining your property.

Monthly Moratorium Cost of Equipment:

Vacuum Cleaners – (Wet & Dry) – one.

Scrubbers and Scrubber Driers – one.

High Pressure Jet Cleaners – one.

Terms & Condition:

  • The above rates include cost of manpower for both proposals and are based on minimum wages and other benefits.
  • Please note that revision of minimum wages every six months will be applicable.
  • In the event of any new or modified statuary compliance effects the value of service charge, the incremental amount will be incorporated into the fee.
  • Overtime charges if incurred will be charged at the rate of Rs.55/- per hour.
  • Cost of toiletries and consumables like hand wash soap, toilet paper & C fold is not included in the proposals.
  • Machine Equipments and machine accessories will be provided by the client.
  • Management Fee Charges is 12% of the invoice amount.
  • Service tax will be charged as per prevailing policies of the government.
  • Period of contract between the Client and Lapwing Hospitality Corporate Services and Management Facilities will be for a minimum period of 24 months
  • The above commercial proposal has been formulated in keeping with current market rates and trends and thus will be valid for 30 days only. If however the decision to finalize the contract exceeds the validity period, the rates submitted may be revised as per the prevailing scenario but other terms and conditions will remain unchanged.
  • Other taxes: During the terms of contract all additional taxes coming in force would be charged to the client.
  • Change of rates: rates are based on the scope of work and service agreed with the client. Any change and increase in scope of work, the rates will be revised accordingly.
  • Site will be handed over to our company 3 days before take over for proper orientation of staff with the areas to be handled.
  • We are complaint of all prevailing taxation policies of the Indian Union.

For any queries please feel free to call us.